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Welcome to TabulaRecta.net. You may be wondering why I chose this name.

My profession, in other words how I make my living, is in the computer security field with cryptography being one of my areas of interest. My friends might argue computer security is just a part of what I do. I'm not going to give a history of cryptography, or an other security concept for that matter in exhaustive detail on this site. I will however share brief snippets of history and/or commentary on current events in security and other subjects or events I find especially interesting. I have been doing this a long time, sometimes I think too long.

Back to our story. If you are here and are in the computer security professsion and perhaps have your CISSP or are just intersted in cryptography, you may already know what the tabula recta is. The term Tabula Recta is Latin. In cryptography, a tabula recta is a square table with the letters of an alphabet on it's X and Y axis. English is generally used, but any other language that has a defined alphabet can be used. In this table the letters of the lanuages alphabet are placed going from the top down along the Y axis and orienting across the top from the left to right along the X axis. For each row in the table you take the alphabet across the top, and each row is shifted by one character.

This table can now be used to "encrypt" and "decrypt" a message by locating across the top row the first letter to be encrypted, and then going down that column to the row that corresponds with the "key" on the left side of the table.

You can read more here and use this as jumping off point for your education. I personally don't like this page in Wikipedia because I think it could be written more clearly, but then I guess I should be contributing to it and fixing it instead of writing why I don't like it. Johannes Trithemius used the tabula recta in about 1518 to create polyalphabetic ciphers among other great works like the Steganographia. Would have been cool to have a beer with this guy.

I wanted to use scytale.net, but it was already taken. You can read about it here. In case you want to email, I can be reached at gandalf@tabularecta.net

DISCLAIMER: Lets get the disclaimer up front. I created this site for my own personal reasons. All content is owned by me (the site owner/operator) unless credit is explicity given and permission has been granted to use the content. It is not intended to be educational (although you may find it illuminating and/or humorous) and as such I advise against referencing this site as authoritative on anything other than my opinion. The site is mainly my own personal opinions. The site may have links to other public news sites or other online sources and I do not control their content and may nor endorse their content but find it interesting. Your continuing to visit this site is explicit acknowledgement of this disclaimer whether or not you read it, and the author is not liable for what you may do with content on this site if you get in trouble.


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